Monday, June 10, 2013

Design Wall Monday: The Wall of Many Projects

I have a plethora of projects on my design wall today. Don't you just love the word plethora? It's got to be one of my top favorite words. I love how it feels as you pronounce it and I love it's definition. Who could ask for anything more? Who could ask for anything more! (I'm singing those last two lines). And why not? It's the first "official" day of summer vacation. I hope that's not groaning I'm hearing...I have been talking about it ad infintium  a lot.

And what greets me on my pre-first day of summer? Oh, hello, Mr. Virus! Oh, you've decided to come for a visit? I haven't seen you in a while. Yes, old "friends" shouldn't let so much time pass between visits. Come in? No, I think not; I'm very busy. Well! Aren't you rude just barging in like that!

First up on the design wall: I've added the second dark on the Log Cabin for the newlyweds. I haven't gotten it trimmed yet, but I have a great quilt afternoon with my friend, JP, today. Fun for days!

I've thought of a name for my Spiderweb quilt: Web of Friends. Most of the scraps in this quilt came from my own stash and from JP's, plus a few other friends. I look at the fabrics and say, "Oh that one was JP's or MF's. Pretty cool in my book.

Now I need help. On the quilt. I'd like to ask you to quilt it, but no... I'm not sure about the second border, the light blue one. When my husband and I were auditioning fabrics, it looked pretty darn cool with the quilt. It's all sew in, but now I'm just not sure. Is it too light? What do you think? Please leave me a comment with your opinion.

Sorry, picture got deleted by someone trying to clean up a file...

Here's a close up of the corner. The third border is midnight blue: dark, dark blue and purple. Lovely fabric. The corner is light blue polka dot. Ideas anyone? Remember, if you think I should replace the middle border, I'm sending to you to rip out the seams! I'm kidding. Maybe. Maybe not.

Sorry, picture got deleted by someone trying to clean up a file...

And here's a cutie. My little spool blocks are coming along swimmingly. I've finished the strippy part. Yesterday I tried out colors for the spool. Hit it in one! I have a very warm brown fabric and I think it's perfect! What say you?

And now, just because I'm crazy enough to try it, this is the fabric I chose for a twirly skirt I want to make for Curly. I found this adorable pattern on Craftsy. Nancy Drew loved twirly skirts when she was young, so I wanted to make this one for Curly. In time to give to  her when I go out there. In one week. Does the word crazy jump in your mind?

You must go to the website to see the cute dresses Mommies have made and shown in the comments.

Here's my fabric found in my stash. Thank goodness for "inheriting" my Sisty Ugler's and BFF MF's stash. They had lots of good bright colors.

If you've ever wondered why I call my granddaughter "Curly" in the blog, here's why....

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  1. Re: the border problem... it's not the color that bothers you, but the value. The yellow and the light blue are equal, there isn't enough contrast there. (Sorry but I'm not ripping!)

    Love the curly haired gd. Our daughter, Chrissy had hair like that only it was red! Her Grandpa (my FIL) called her Fuzzy Head. (Thanks for that lovely memory!)

    1. Thanks for the help...I never thought of it as being a problem with value... Now that you've said it, I can see what you mean.

      So where do I send the top? I will actually throw in a free seam ripper which is yours to keep after you have removed the border!

      Our families are scratching our heads as to where the curly head came from...some branch of the family tree way back, I guess.

  2. Wonderful project and a cute gran!
    I've just found your blog via Judy's DWM and I've become a "FOLLOWER" of your blog!

  3. Oh dear, I so hate to say it, but I agree with you. The blue isnt working. The red is so bold and bright. It reminds me of spanish pottery (which I love).

    Here's a google image search link, you might see what I mean and be inspired on a good replacement (if you remove it)

    Looking forward to the skirt - should be really cute!

    1. Wow! The pottery is gorgeous! It does give me ideas; thanks so much for the link. I definitely am going to remove the border. I kept thinking it would be okay, but it kept niggling at me. I realized that I would have to live with it for a long time if I left it, so it will be worth the change.

  4. Your granddaughter is adorable! I love your quilts, my favorite is your spiderweb one-- it's like a kaleidoscope of colors-- really wonderful!

    1. Yes, she is adorable. I'm going to be able to go see her, my other granddaughter and my kids next week. I get out there once a's clear across the country for me. I can't wait to see them!

  5. I think you need some bright solid like a bright purple or orange!
    But I love the yummy spider web quilt. It would probably look good even w/o borders.

    I think curly is so cute....I have a few gorgeous curlies in our family too. I'm jealous since I have thin and straight!

    1. Everyone is just so helpful with this quilt! I appreciate your input!

  6. Thinking the dark blue border and rip out the light floral one---there I said it please don't ask for my address lol

    BTW, I like that word "plethora" too. Words are always fun!

    Curly is the sweetest little girl!

  7. Ooh, you're right...the middle border just doesn't work. But I'm not ripping it out - had to do enough of my own this week! ;) Love your granddaughter's curls! I always wanted curly hair - I'm jealous!

    1. You and me both...curls would be so much cuter than straight thin hair!

      I'm definitely ripping the borders out. With all the helpful comments I've gotten, I'm excited to go out and find just the right thing.

      Thanks for coming over and looking!


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