Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Whatcha Reading?

In 1994, this is me reading yet another Dick Francis book, with my dog, Bambi on my lap. Dig that crazy couch!

I do so love Tuesday book sharing. I'm keeping a list of the recommended books I want to read on my OneNote in MS Office. I'm going to try and see if Amazon has any free loaners of books I want to read.

I was looking at my 2013 Books I've Read, at the bottom of the blog. Hmmmm. One book???? It's February 12th for pete's sake. What is going on with me? It's always the same answer when the question has to do with time. Quilting.

I don't keep house very well....why? Quilting
I don't go out very much in the evenings....why? Quilting
I am a hermit on the weekends and holidays....why? Quilting

If I didn't love it so, so much, I'd grumble a lot!

I'm still reading A Great and Terrible Beauty. I think I'm still on it because I'm not enjoying it that much. If it was deadly dull, I'd put it on my Goodreads list: "Put down." It moves slowly and the plot has not grabbed me. Mind you, I'm in the middle of the book so it has had plenty of time to grab. I think I'll make a goal to finish it over the holiday weekend. The school districts around here are taking a four-day weekend. It used to be two three-day weekends, but I like it the current way better. That should give me enough time to finish it up and start on something more interesting. If it doesn't get done, you'll know why...quilting.

I just noticed on Google that a movie is being made of this book. Obviously a whole bunch of somebodies thought it was good. In my experience, just because it is made into a movie doesn't mean the book is good. On the other hand, if a book is a treasure and they make a movie of it, they ruin it.

There are few exceptions to this:

I will mention here that To Kill A Mockingbird is my favorite book and movie of all time!

Check out other books being read and get ideas for your reading list at Patchwork Times (click here)

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