Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A Quilting Day with A Friend & Tippy Tuesday

It was an extra fun quilting day! I love, love, love to quilt with friends. All the talk, the food, the sharing and new ideas.

I quilted today with a newbie quilter who is a friend and a member of the same church as I. And what a newbie! J has made 3 quilt tops in less than 12 weeks. She's definitely fearsome. Her first quilt was a rail fence and she didn't like the pattern. Her second and third quilt are up in the intermediate realms. The next was all 60% triangles that had fussy cut square and sashing around each triangles. The most current one was similar to a Dresden plate pattern.

TIPPY TUESDAY Using Glue in Quilting & Perfect Binding

I've been trying to giver her hints and helps when she needs it. Which brings me to the TIP.

As in a Dresden Plate, you have to applique a circle over the hole in the center. On J's quilt, it called for putting piping around the circle before placing it over the hole.

J was trying to pin the store-bought piping onto the circle. This is where I taught her a real time and frustration saving tip.

The piping had a half inch strip of material attached to it to make it easy to join to fabric. The neat thing is that you can use glue to put the piping in place while you sew it.

You can use white glue or a glue stick in places where you need to attach one piece to another. Don't worry about going to a quilt store to buy a "quilt glue," because plain white glue works. It will wash out when you wash the glue. Mostly it is used on the wrong side of the fabric, so if you're not going to wash your quilt for a while it isn't a requirement to wash it.

I use glue the most when I am doing applique. A disclaimer here. I've not accomplished turn-needle applique. I either hand applique with a blanket stitch or use a machine.

I saw a wonderful presentation by Susan Schumacher on perfect binding and she uses glue for her bindings. Check it out here:

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