Saturday, June 7, 2014

Hands2Help & Flamingos

flamingo 4
For those of you who are looking for For Pinks Sake, go to this link.

What a glorious day! It is the final day of the Hands2Help quilt drive. Each year Sarah (Confessions of a Fabric Addict) offers quilters a chance to make a quilt for 2 or 3 different charities. From March to June quilters can choose a charity, sign up and make a quilt.

I chose Quilty Hugs for Happy Chemo. This organization captured my heart immediately. Emily, of Em’s Scrapbag, has an ongoing project of making quilts for Happy Quilts. “This wonderful effort provides quilts and comfort for chemo patients.” (Sarah Craig)

The number one reason I chose this was because of my Mom. 42 years ago my Mom had her first surgery for cancer. She went through chemo at one point and suffered the common lot of others who have chosen this option to try to rid themselves of cancer. I wrote a post about my courageous and beloved Mom, which you can read here.

Without any more chatter, here is my Flamingo Quilt!

Flamingo 3
The Quilt with my 1940 Elna Grasshopper

flamingo 2
Don't look too closely at the p-i-n-s.

flamingo & kaiju
Kaiju, my kitty, helping with the backing

flamingo 1
In all it's glory

What are those? Let me take a closer look? Pins???? Does she plan to have someone snuggle up with a quilt with pins?

quilters pins

No she doesn’t. With school and the Log Cabin (oh boy, she’s rolling out the excuses!) I knew I’d have to make the quilt the week after school let out. Errr, the last week before the H2H deadline.

Fortunately, this was a joint effort and my Sisty Ugler had made the blocks. I started in on last Saturday and was toodling along. Then an unexpected lost day showed up.

I worked my little beehind off yesterday. I thought I could make the finish line. I started quilting at 5:00. After a half hour, which meant I only covered about 24” (2 12-inch squares), I stopped to look at the back.

thread tension

Eeeeeegads! The tension was all wrong! Loopy loo! And I had checked and adjusted the tension before I started. I stared at it in frustration and mounting apprehension. I would have to pull out all the stitching.

bad tension
I should have thought to take a picture of my own quilt back!

Four hours later, I had finished ripping it out. It was then I realized it wouldn’t get done for today.

And (get ready for another excuse, group) today is our local guild’s Quilt Show. No quilting today.

And now you know why there are pins in it!

Look for another post next week with the unpinned and completely finished quilt!

** I have to apologize for the quality of the pictures. They are blurry and the color's faded. Darn! **

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