Thursday, January 2, 2014

Gasp! New Years and New Goals!

Okay, okay, so maybe I'm panicking more than I should. Take a deep breath. Whew. Much better. If anyone gets in a tizzy about New Years goals, I suggest a paper bag.

Nope, Better, Getting Close, Now You've Got It!

Then again, I heard a new piece of advice. Have any of you watched Call the Midwife series on
PBS? Netflix has both seasons. It's a gem...a must-see. I'm working through the second season. The episode I watched, a mid-wife was helping a woman going through labor to calm down. Her advice: Recite the 23rd Psalm: "The Lord is my shepherd..." but take a deep breath between each line. The woman doesn't know the psalm, so the midwife suggests reciting a song with deep breaths stating she doesn't see why that wouldn't work. The woman starts singing, "Catch a falling star, Put it in your pocket..."  You might want to try this if you're over-wrought.

But I digress... Really are they going to put this on my headstone?

I'll be terribly truthful here. Now wait, I'm always terribly truthful. So why do I have to say this to start off?

I have always made New Year's Goals. Sometimes the same goals many, many years in a row. Like losing weight, saying my prayers daily, writing in a journal, reading scriptures daily. Those are the Top Four. And, not to brag, I have finally gotten to the point of saying my prayers daily and reading the scriptures daily. (After a decade or so!) Does writing a blog count as a journal? And I did lose 30 pounds 2 years ago, but have gained back 20 of it. Sniff. Sniff. Do I smell a repetitive New Years Goal in the making?

Sarah, over at Confessions of a Fabric Addict, shared her NYGs and asked for others to chime in. I love to chime! (because I'm a ding dong?) Oh my, my humor today is taking on a fourth grade mentality. Of course I have three fourth graders on my caseload!

Keeping it quilty, here is what I hope am going to accomplish this year! Tally Ho!

PS: My links are in light blue. I haven't figured out how to change the link color.

Quilts To Finish

10 Squares a Month
Progress 40/75 (not sure if it is 75)

Upcoming Quilts

Continue on UFO's list

Next UFO: Farmer's Wife!
I have done 94 blocks--17 to go!

Modus Operandi!

Do not buy new fabric, except as needed
to finish a UFO.

New Things to Try

Keeping a Stash Count
because I love lists and numbers

Make two quilts for Phoenix Quilts
because my Dad was a firefighter

Keep up with A Lovely Finish 2014

Fingers Crossed!

I would like to have 50 followers by 12/31/14

Blog 3-4 times per week

And there you have it folks. My goals. And my dreams. I'm excited! I have to remember to be realistic because I work during the school year and my pace is slow. I'm also have a limited "up time" every day.

There are some really great blogs yesterday and today talking about New Years Goals. I'm hooking up with the wonderful Sandy at Confessions of a Fabric Addict and Fresh Sewing Day I highly recommend checking out all of the other linked blogs there. Their buttons are in the right column.

God Bless.

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