My Family's Blog Names

Hubby - My hubby-wubby, snookie wookums
Noel Heart - My oldest daughter
Chief - Noel Heart's husband
Firstest  - Noel Heart's son, my first grandchild who is 18.
Poppet - Noel Heart & Chief's daughter who is three.
Chip - Noel Heart & Chief's son who is 11 months old
Nancy Drew - My second daughter, who is caught in the middle
Strange and Wonderful Husband or SWH - Nancy Drew's husband
Sweetie - Nancy Drew's and SWH's daughter, who is 16
Curly - Nancy Drew's and SWH's daughter, who is 8
Talented Geek Son or TGS - My son, the baby
Oh-So-Lovely-Wife or OSLW - TGS' wife

Sisty-Ugler - was the nickname for my only sibling until I changed it in 2018

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