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Mish-Mosh Monday #1: Superman

mish-mosh, n, a jumble of unrelated or disorganized things
That may be what it means in, but in my dictionary it says: “mish-mosh: a description of Quilting Nonnie’s brain!”

Yes, I have to admit it…there are many, many little cubbies, corners and crevices (ooo! alliteration!) in my mind. I have all the organized stuff like: how to drive to work, how to make Nestle’s Quick chocolate milk, & where do I keep my special two-dollar bill. And then there’s the other part…I’m not a candidate for Jeopardy but there are tidbits all throughout my brain.

I’ve decided that Mondays are a good time to share something, mostly non-quilty, that I find interesting. Of course the big hope is that you find it interesting too.

For my inaugural post, pray grant me some slack. If today doesn’t blast off with flying colors, try another next week. Perhaps I’ll get the hang of it!

Living With Superman

George Reeves, the original
TV Superman
I know this might cause some jealousy…but I married Superman! On that wonderful day, March 18, 1989, I married the man with many, many superpowers: My Hubby.

Our family loves to joke about it, but deep down, we know it’s true. Hubby has super senses. Here’s some examples, you judge for yourself.

Hearing:  During the teen years of our children, Nancy Drew is in her bed and it is late. Hubby and I are on the other side of the wall in our bedroom. “Dear,” says hubby, “would you go and tell Nancy Drew to turn off her radio?”

I’m thinking, what radio? But I get up. I get to our door and listen. Nothing. I open Nancy Drew’s door. Nothing. I announce to the room, “Nancy Drew, Hubby says to turn off your radio.” This I do hear: grumble, grumble, moan from Nancy Drew’s bed. “Okay, it’s off now.”

I teach blind kids. They can do this. Blind kids use their hearing like we use our vision. They develop an extremely acute sense of hearing.

My husband isn’t blind.

Vision: It’s winter, it’s night. Hubby and I are ready to sleep and turn the lights out. And turn the electric blanket on. I have my arm draped over the edge of the bed and am wiggling my fingers. Unbeknownst to me, I am wiggling them right above the electric blanket control that has a light.

“Dear, could you stop wiggling your fingers? I can’t get to sleep.” Hubby asks.

“How can you tell?” I’m flummoxed.

“Because I can see their shadow.”

“Your eyes are open?”

“No. My eyes are closed.”

“You can see that little light’s shadow with your eyes closed?” I’m suspicious.


Oh wow…I try closing my eyes. Nope, I can’t see it. I open my eyes, still can’t see it. Superman, my brain tells me.

Can he run faster than a train? No. Can he leap buildings in a single bound? No. But…

Smell: We can't have anything in the house that is aromatic. I'm talking any scent!

Little Glade air freshners? Nope!
Scented candles? Never!
Dryer softener sheets? Absolutely not!
Perfume? Heavens to Betsy--nix!
Scented hand soap? Ie! (Japanese)

Nancy Drew, Superman--oop! Hubby and I driving along in the van. La, la, la, la. All of sudden, Hubby says, "What is that smell???"

"I don't smell anything." I say, puzzled. I sniff even harder. Nada.

"Oops," Nancy Drew says meekly. "I forgot. I just put on my hand lotion."

Yup. Raspberry hand lotion.

Dale is practically gasping for air. He quickly rolls down his window, practically sticks his head outside. Except that he's driving. The window stays down all the way to where we're going.

Super Brain: He knows something, and usually a lot, about everything. Trivia. What year was a movie made. How do you make a trebuchet. He can name over 15 different kinds of whales. What is the best position to sleep in when you have a spasm in your back. He can look in the sky at a plane and tell you exactly what plane it is, even World War II planes.  I kid you not. 

I guess along with Super Brain he also has a Super Memory. He remembers dates like crazy. What was the exact wording his Mom used at a certain family get-together. (Along with all the lines in the Star Wars movies and Monty Python's Holy Grail).  What year did the Battle of Waterloo end? When did Marilyn Monroe die?

If I ever need to know anything, and I mean anything I just ask Hubby. Forget Google, Yahoo and Bing--my hubby takes less time!

But there is a chink in his armor. In the 25 years we've been married, he has forgotten my birthday twice. I just laughed when it happened!

Eerie Senses: If we're anywhere and I'm not wearing a watch, I ask Hubby what time it is. He stops and thinks for a few seconds, then tells you the time. When I do have a watch, I check. He is withing two minutes of being correct. Every time.

My husband is like a renaissance man. He knows something, and usually a lot, about everything. I kid you not. He is the smartest person I know and have ever known. Super brain.

I’d go on, but I don’t want jealous person to come and steal him away to do experiments on!

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  1. Lovely stories. I married a dear, as well, but mine has no superhuman qualities other than his ability to put up with me! Oh, and he understands how money works. And he plans trips around quilt shops. And he's been a great influence on my two boys. I think I'll keep him.

    1. Sounds like you landed a good'un! He puts the sweetie in sweetheard!

  2. 1989? That's the year my oldest graduated high school! You might be a Nonnie, but you're a youngin'.
    Mine thinks he's superman, but wobbly and fell yesterday putting the hose into it's little house. He's been a good hubby though, and I'm keepin' him.

    1. So far, so good here. My hubby works on cars and the worst thing that has happened so far is putting divots in his head from the hood!

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. I am afraid I fall into the same category as you. My senses are not up to par. I have a pretty super man for a husband, too. So yours is safe! Ha, ha, ha!

    1. All it takes is someone to have super senses and your normal senses seem sub-par. When he's watching TV alone and I come into the room, I wonder how he can hear what's going on. The volume is so low. If I watch with him I ask him to "turn up the volume for the hearing impaired!"


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