Monday, June 16, 2014

Caught Up At Last!

I caught up with my Rainbow Scrap Challenge this weekend. Hurray!

Last month, May, the color was green. Just couldn’t get “a round tuit” because (everyone join in!) school…

This month is yellow and I’m finished already. There’s a first time for everything!

Here are the greens:

RSC Greens 1
RSC Greens2

The blocks in the bottom row of four contains some special blocks. Left to right: Daisies from a vintage sheet, I think I had that exact pattern on a sheet in the 60s? Plaid, I lovey dovey plaid! Realio, trulio 30s fabric from my Aunt Marie’s stash, froggies from my Sisty Ugler’s stash.

Now that I’m half a year into RSC, I’ve come up with a plan!


For each color, I want one plaid block, one vintage block and quite a few novelty fabrics. I don’t have many novelty fabrics and especially in my past quilts. I decided that I’d like to get a bunch in here for the giggles.

Moving right along…get along little doggies…

RSC Yellow 1
RSC Yellow 2

The bottom set has the special ones. Left to right:
Row 1: Authentic 30s fabric, a yellow I adore, used sparingly, plaid,
Row 2: vintage gingham (like you can tell!), a baby print (nothing special), a quilt from our local guild show 2007

Row 3: My dad and I—Happy Father’s Dad!, A silly photo of my hubby wearing my sisty ugler’s glasses and my grandpa’s hat, my sisty ugler 1989.

Hooking up with Rainbow Scrap Challenge (badge on the left) and the wonderful blogs listed on the right. Be sure to check them out and see other quilter’s wonderful work.
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