Thursday, January 23, 2014

Just Call Me Mrs. X

Yup, that's me...Mrs. X

Or is it a jinx?

I keep thinking it's going to stop...

You might remember I was whining about how poorly my sewing was going this weekend...I was doing more un-sewing than sewing. I finally figured out that I was going to rip out my seams before I sewed them, if I could! It'd save time.

Yesterday I signed in at a school. I spelled my name wrong. Uhhhmmm, your name is spelled T-e-r-r-i. Not T-e-r-r-y.

Later I was writing an email. I signed off with: Thanks, Donna. My name is not Donna. I don't even know a Donna!

I went to quilt with my good friend for our regular Wednesday Quilt Night. I needed to wind a new bobbin. Tell me, is this what your bobbin looks like after you wind it?

This morning Noel Heart texted me. I tried to text back. My phone wouldn't send it. I'm in my house. I get good reception and the phone can also use wi-fi.

I tried to call her. The phone wouldn't put the call through.

I went to start my computer. It wouldn't come out of sleep mode. Never had this problem. Had to turn power off and start again.

Honestly, I'm afraid to go outside.

Who knows who I am today?
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