Sunday, March 31, 2013

Design Wall Monday

I have a different sort of design wall this week. I've gotten very little quilting the past two weeks. And yes, I am doing fine...not perishing from lack of quilting.

Along with quilting blogs, I also follow a blog called A Simpler Life, Creating a Simpler, Saner Life. I've signed up for a Decluttering Class there with Beth, the blogger and person behind the simpler life. She sends out weekly Simplicity Tips and has a Declutter Calendar for each month of the year. The class starts tomorrow. I really need this class, I mean, like, really need this class. I know all of you out there are so organized and together, but there are people like me...less talented at keeping it together.

In a couple of paragraphs you will see the depth of my need to declutter. However, Beth gave a challenge to the class to take on a small task to finish before the Declutter Class began. I chose to weed and plant my lettuce.

This picture is now lost because somebody deleted it from the hard drive

No peeking below!  Just look at this garden box in wonder and awe!

This is my design board for the week!

Yes, I got 6 lettuce seedlings in, plus another row of lettuce seeds planted. And a row of green onions planted.The weed cloth is covering the seeds from the birds, they always forget to look there.

And what's ahead of me...this year we have had a bounty of weeds. And I don't weed until right before Spring starts. So Exhibit 1 and 2 are below. Or as I like to call them:

Yucky One and Yucky Two

These pictures are now lost because somebody deleted them from the hard drive

And here is one of two planters with strawberries coming back very nicely.

Now just follow me...keep walking, we're walking, walking...

You see, my son TGS and his OSLW are coming to visit at the end of this month. Hurrah!  I can't wait for them to get here and I'm glad it's a few weeks away. I bet a few of you know of this conundrum.

Most of the house is fine. After all, my sisty ugler was here a few weeks ago and we got the house purtified. The other things that didn't get done, we closed the doors on. I'm one of "those" people who put dirty dishes in their oven when guests come over. Ask my kids. They'll tell you the story of the time I put a plastic colander in the oven. A few days later, I turned on the oven...sniff...sniff...what's that horrible smell??? Baked colander!

I also will gather things up quickly into a laundry basket and put them out in the garage. Or in the tub with the shower curtain pulled.

Stop snickering! You know you do it too!

There's some little straightening, dusting, floor mopping, vacuuming to do. And then there's THIS!

Guest bedroom, right side

Guest bedroom, left side

 And THIS!

Back porch, left side

Back porch, middle

Back porch, right side

I'm glad none of you know where I live...not that you'd want to come after seeing this!

The sad fact is TGS & OSLW read this blog. No secrets now, blabber mouth. I just want them to appreciate how gorgeous the house is when they come. Or pat me sympathetically while they say, "The pictures didn't do it justice."

I've linked up with Judy over at Patchwork Times. Click on badge in right column to see quilts on real design walls!

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