Sunday, February 8, 2015

Happily Quilting on my Free Day

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If you look in the general direction of the West coast of the United States, you can probably see a glow emanating from a single house. It is the loveliest, sweetest, most cerulean glow there is. And it is from my house!

I’m almost afraid to say this, for fear of massive sorrow for everyone else. I am off today and enjoying my three-day weekend! Now not to just pile on more misery, but there is another three-day weekend next week! It’s almost too much….no, no, it isn’t. It’s wonderful, fantastical and full of quiltiful fun!

 Today is marked as Lincoln’s Birthday on the school calendars. Next Monday is the Legal Holiday of President’s Day. I’m very happy that the schools in my area didn’t buy into that “let’s put both President Lincoln’s and Washington’s birthday celebration into one day” foolishness. Who in the heck would want that? Oh boy, Bobby, we’re changing from two days off to one!

Okay, enough gloating, rejoicing and dancing. You may, however, continue quilting!

I didn’t have much time to quilt this past week, but I made up for it yesterday. This is my second UFO finish this year. So far I’m keeping right up with the insanity of one UFO finish per month.

Back in June 2014, my quilty friend and I decided to make Christmas tree skirts. You have probably heard about the one I finished before Christmas. And now to reveal, the heretofore unmentioned, second Christmas tree quilt. This one is for TGS & OSLW.

The little snowmen were crocheted by my Aunt Marie. Aren't they adorable?

To be entirely upfront, my UFO for February is 6 pillowcases. To read the scintillating, difficult to put down story, go to my Design Wall post of last week. It’s worth a click. You’ll be glad you did.

Yesterday I started on the first pillowcase. I have made pillowcases before, but it’s been awhile. I was eagerly looking forward to getting the piranha pillowcase done, but…having finally learned a lesson from the past…I decided to do another fabric first while I worked out the kinks.

I recommend the Missouri Quilt Company video tutorial for clear instructions on how to make a tube pillowcase with a cuff and flange.

I used a pillowcase I had made before that was the size I liked. Making the pillowcase this time was going to be a little different because I was using a different fabric for front and back. I don’t like excess fabric in the width or the length. I think I accomplished that!


Disaster! I couldn't figure out what I was going to add to the cuff to make the case longer. Today I had a brainstorm! I tried the pillowcase on another pillow...and voila!

One side

Other side

Today—my day off, I remind you, I will be _________. As my Mom used to say, “I’ll give you three guesses and the first two don’t count.” There’s logic in there somewhere. I got it when I was a kid!

I love linky parties, so make sure and look on the right sidebar for the full list of parties for each day. Make sure to mosey on over; each party has dozens of great quilts and ideas!

I still have one giveaway running. You may have seen the Grow Your Blog badge at the top of the left column. It took place last Saturday with over 300 bloggers participating. I wrote a post for the meet and greet party then topped it off with a giveaway.
If you’re interested, the giveaway is open till February 13. I’ll give you the link, if you promise to read the post all the way through…scout’s honor. Go here and find out what I’m giving away and a welcome and introduction to my blog! Beware! If you win the prize, I will quiz you on the contents of that post!
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