Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Pass the Peanuts, Please #3

Good ol’ Charlie Brown. 

Though he could never kick the football,

or get his kite to stay in the air,

he now has many successful and different ventures.

The last two weeks I have posted pictures (here and here) of Charlie Brown statues from Santa Rosa, California. In June 2005, the town celebrated “It’s Your Hometown Charlie Brown.” Plain Charlie Browns appeared all gussied up and doing many different things.

Take a look and see what CB has been doing lately!

Here is Surf Chuck.

Look at him, all decked out in go-aheads, Hawaiian shorts and a
surfboard! I hope he remembers the sun block!

Surfing is the quintessential icon of summer fun in California. Of course, the coast by Santa Rosa is cold, cold, cold and windy. There are waves, yes, but there is also very strong rip tides. Or undertow, whichever term you know. Surfing is more a Southern California thing.

I guess Charlie Brown decided to drive southward and hit the beach. Catch a wave. Grab some sun. Someone told me they heard him yelling “Cowabunga!” as he rode a wave.

From there, I suppose he thought that visiting different places was lots of fun. Many people saw him all over California, visiting Hearst Castle, going to Disneyland, taking in a SF Giants Ballgame.

Someone in the know did a statue to this carefree time in Charlie Brown’s life: 

Tourist Charlie.

 Good ol’ Charlie Brown.

Come back each week on Wednesday to see more Peanuts, Please!

Sources for pictures:
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2. Lucy Holding Football, picture
3. Kite Eating Tree
4. Charlie in suit and tie
5. SF Giants Charlie
6. Good Ol' Charlie Brown picture
7. Football comic
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  1. Good ole CB!
    I always look at the quilt he uses on the TV specials... did you ever notice? Just big squares, but so comfy looking. That's the thing about quilts...
    Love your blog!!!

    1. I know I read and re-read the small paperback books of Peanuts comics. And remember when Happiness is a Warm Puppy came out? The Peanuts gang are a wonderful childhood memory.


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