Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Reading to Cats

My baby cat has grown up and has just celebrated her first birthday. It’s hard to fete a cat when she doesn’t eat anything but cat food. I’ve tried turkey meat, chicken, etc. She just sniffs and walks away. Talk about picky!

The drawer was being repaired--Kaiju thought it a perfect bed for a cat!

Kaiju loves to sit in the dishwasher

I had seen a slide show somewhere on the internet and saved it for a Really Random day. That’s today!

My dog, Bambi and I, 20 yrs ago

I love to read. I somehow managed to instill that in my children, amazingly enough! And they married readers. Cool! I try to get my students to love reading as much as I do.

I loved to read to my kids, but now they are grown and live on their own. So I love this slide show of children reading to cats in an Animal Rescue.

I decided to try and take a selfie with my cat and a book. I thought it would look good for the post. I’ve only done one selfie and it was awful. I don’t think I’ve improved!

The best picture of them all

I’m smiling, Kaiju is actually looking at the book!

Now that I’ve turned that into somewhat of a success, let’s look at Reading to a Cat!

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