Thursday, June 13, 2013

Random Thoughts on Yesteryear

I've been keeping a note going in my iPhone. I want to write a little book for my grandkids on things that were around when I was a kid. Things that they will never know.

AND--it was broadcast on a radio!
Heck, I still remember Fibber McGee's closet. I never actually heard it, but my Mom had and she told me about it. (You're going to have to look that one up!) Speaking of which, you don't have to go down to the library to find some sort of book about Fibber McGee. It probably wouldn't even exist. Just as an experiment I timed myself looking up Fibber McGee. From Google page to a Wikipedia article: 18.2 seconds!

More than that, I didn't have to wait for the dial-up modem to connect. Nor did I have to return the carriage on the typewriter to write this.

Apple IIc
Consider this, I was able to keep this blog post open while I went to Google and then onto Wikipedia. In 1990, I was still teaching students how to open a program on a computer. And that was the only program you could use.

Okay, technology is an easy one to find a hundred things that our grandkids won't know. Remember when the only thing teens could say about adults being "antiquated," basically was old ideas. It's amazing all the things I keep remembering for that list on my iPhone.

What's amazing is that I have a 13-year-old grandson and a 3-year-old granddaughter. It's hard to believe what the difference between what the older one knows that my younger one will never have experienced!

Maybe my grandkids will not even know about "snail mail" and only UPS and FedEx. They certainly won't remember Air Mail and onion skin paper! When I was near 5-years-old, the postage stamp went up to 5 cents! Even further, they won't know about dittos and carbon copies. When I was 10, I made a book of stories I had written as a Christmas gift for relatives. I used two sheets of carbon paper to make three copies at a time. I typed that book over four times!

Image: copyrighted
When I was in college in 1975, senior year, I bought my first calculator. It had the basic four functions. Period. It cost me 25 dollars. And I felt guilty buying it because I should be doing it by hand. In 1979, my first husband who was an engineering major, needed a programmable graphing/scientific calculator. (see picture at right) Prior to that he used a slide ruler! It cost near $300.

Oops! That was technology. Sorry, won't happen again.
This is a slide ruler, if you've never seen one!

Image: copyrighted

I was explaining this to a 19-year-old a couple of days ago: Party Lines. When I lived in a rural area we had a party-line. Look this one up too, it'll only take eight seconds!

What about movies? When "The Other Side of the Mountain" came out, it stayed in the cinema for near six months. And that was normal.

When I was 8, 1963, oops! Now I've done it! You know how old I am... And if you don't have a two buck calculator around, that means I'm 58. So, 1963. I wanted a "graham cracker doll" from the Sears and Roebuck catalog. It wasn't a graham cracker, which I was crazy about, the doll was a nurse and the square thing with little holes was a bandage. That's not the emphasis here, however. That same doll was in the catalog for quite a few years! And it wasn't a TV or movie related doll.

Now that brings back memories! When 101 Dalmations (the original) came out, I fell utterly, head over heels in love with it. My mom bought me every commercialized object from the film. A Pongo stuffed dog. A LP (record) with the story. A lunchbox. Maybe there were a few more things, like a storybook. Put basically 4-5 things. That's it. That's all. Truly flabbergasting, isn't it? Go here to hear the twilight bark!

As far as movies go: I saw the first run of Mary Poppins, To Kill A Mockingbird (scared the pajabers out of me since I only remembered the "pumpkin scene"), Bambi, The Haunting of Hill House, plus more.

Do your remember these?

Left to right, top to bottom:
1.  Reel to Reel Tape player             2.  Blue Chip Savings Stamps     
3.  Savings Stamps                          4.  45 record with adapter         
 5.  Tulip Lawn Chairs                     6.  Cloth towel dispenser
7.  Free glasses in detergent             8.  Sardines that opened w/ key 
9.   Wall heater control

Tell me, what "vintage" things do you remember?

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And now, it's time to say good-night!

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