Saturday, June 8, 2013

Don't Try This At Home

There I was, a Saturday afternoon, John Denver singing on the stereo, looking out the window to see our front yard, the room comfortably warm. I was squaring up scraps from the Log Cabin. I was using my 2.5 inch square ruler. It kept sticking to the fabric. When I checked the opposite side I quickly saw what the problem was. More accurately I felt what the problem was. The sandpaper dots I had put on the back to keep it from slipping were no longer sandpaper. They were sticky dots that had lost their sandpaper.

Well, I thought, I'll just use some nail polish remover and take the sticky off. Having had years of experience in getting tape off my dorm mirror, I knew this was the trick to getting sticky stuff off.

Thumbs up if you think this worked like a charm.
Thumbs down hand gesture

(You don't actually think I'd blog about my ruler doing what it was supposed to do, do you?)

Don't answer that question!

Behold and see my ruler!

Everything's gone. Except for the darned sticky dot!

Let this be a warning to you.
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