Monday, February 25, 2013

Design Wall Off and On 2/25/2013 Quilts from My Sewing Machine #1, Marvelous Marie #2

It's a big hurrah and a tip of the hat. The square in the square quilt is off the design wall. The beginnings of the DWR is on!

The square in a square now has its official name: The 70's Are Calling, They Want Their Fabric Back! The name is another one of my husband's brainy ideas. The fabrics in the quilt are mainly 1970's fabric...and there you have the reason for the name.

I had thought of calling it The Whirlwind Decade or The Eventful 70's or something along that line. Reasoning, you ask?
  • I graduated from high school in 1972. (To save your brain from the math, I'm 57 and will turn 58 in April). 
  • I graduated from college in April 1976.  (age 21)
  • I got married in August 1976. (age 21)
  • Noel Bright was born in September 1977. (age 22)
  • Nancy Drew was born in December 1979. (age 24)
  • TGS was born in 1981. (age 26).
  • Phew!
  • Yes, 3 kids in 4 years...
  • My mom died May 1986. (age 29)
That has been the most eventful decade of my life, being understated!

Hence, my idea for the name of the quilt.

This quilt is another collaboration between my Aunt Marie (see post about her here) She made the blocks.

Front of A Block
It is much more orange-y
Back of block

Here you see a very cute Holly Hobby print. The frugality of quilting was always depicted in her quilts. All the blue backgrounds are not the same fabric or the same shade of blue. Some blues even have a slightly shiny finish to them.

I took her squares and sewed them into larger blocks made of four squares in a square. This was done as a leader/ender project.

I decided to make this quilt a Quilt-As-You-Go (QAYG). I've been trying to machine my quilts by myself to save money and I had only gotten as far as Stitch-in-the-Ditch (SITD) and a very basic meander. This was my endeavor to see what I could do with QAYG and whether I liked it.

I took each large square and spray-glued batting and backing together and then quilted each large square on the machine. I thought up the pattern. It was a bit difficult to do the large inward arches and none of them are perfect, but I do like the way the blocks look next to each other. There's a secondary pattern between two separate blocks.

All that was left was to attach sashings and bind. This took about five times as the rest of the quilt took to put together! The back side of the sashing has to be hand-sewn. Now I actually enjoy hand-stitching, but this was crazy! Next time I seek to try the method of QAYG where you can sew the front and back sashing together on the machine.

Now I present to you, ladies & gentlemen, the finished quilt and close up features!

The backing. I love the flowered background. I tried to use 70's fabrics to match the front. These may be 60's, but how am I supposed to know?

Here's an example of a block with different colored blue backgrounds.
When I was gluing the backing on , I came up 6 short of the flowered. I solved it by putting this beautiful flowered blue and arranged the back (see above) so it looked like it was on purpose!
These are samples of unique fabrics. There are some 30's and 50's. The purple cat reminds me of Henry Mancini and Peter Gunn. In the bottom left block, there is a flowered fabric in the bottom right. It is a fabric my Mom and stepfather bought in Hawaii. My mom made my sisty ugler a long dress from it and I got a long dress with a blue background.

 And for the last picture. This is what replaced my finished quilt today:

I hope you enjoyed seeing The Seventies Are Calling... I am so pleased with it!
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