Thursday, January 31, 2013

Get It Done January

Well, well, well.

That's all the wisdom I have for today. No, come to think of it, here is a quilty saying:

My Great Grandma used to say she made a quilt] "by guess and by gosh". Then if it didn't turn out right, she'd say "I guessed it was right but by gosh it wasn't".*

That's about where I'm at with my January Git It Done... Judy over at Patchwork Times (click here) has a fun thing going. Each month anyone who wants to participate can make four quilting goals to accomplish in a month. On the last day of the month, everyone reports by linking into her blog. I'm here to make a full accounting.

My Get It Done January Goals and Progress:

1.  Finish Spiderweb top and sandwich.
I have one more border to put on and the top will be finished. I fell behind when I made a pieced border and then found it looked like a sock on a chicken's lip with the rest of the quilt.

2.  Finish Bricks & Stepping Stones top and Sandwich
I didn't do anything on this one. It's going to the back burner now; I have to start on my DWR.

3.  Finish Square in a Square
Not there yet, but close. It's a Quilt-As-You-Go. I have to hand-sew the last column. Add the columns around the edge by machine and hand-sew. Bind, with purchased binding, then it's done.

4.  Start DWR.
The first goal I actually finished!
I took down the box with all the DWR "stuff" in it.
I pulled out the pattern and read it.
I looked at the template and the tissue foundation.
I looked at my colors again, decided I needed more blue. Figured out whether to do random or planned method. Decided on both: blues will be in the same position throughout all, other colors will be random.
I decided what color for the background AND purchased it.

There's a lot of detail on this goal because my TGS and OSLW are going to be looking this over very carefully. I wanted to show them that "started" was more than opening the box, looking in and then closing it back up.

Tune in tomorrow for the February Get It Done.

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  1. I think I actually need to do this too. Make a list of what I did during the month, acknowledge the finishes and the progress, and why things happened and why they didn't.


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